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Prime Presents


Prime Presents


Channel 004

Prime Presents examines New Zealand culture and gives us the opportunity to take a close look at ourselves. Upcoming documentary titles include:

How We Eat with Simon Gault - 2 x 60 
Simon’s on an expedition to find out how we eat. He’s arrived in the Greek islands to see what he can learn about the Mediterranean diet.   He’s going to meet colourful characters, seek out the best  ingredients. He’ll be popping back to NZ to meet Kiwis who are making a real difference to how we eat.  Kiwi kids actually eat pretty well, we’re teaching them right, they socialise. Simon sits down with Dr William Ferguson who really knows his stuff about food, the body and the Mediterranean diet.   Processed food is extremely bad for us. Typical western diet shrinks part of your brain.  Mediterranean people live longer and healthier because of their diet.  

Changing Face of the NZ Dairy - 1 x 60 
Examining how a unique part of ÈKiwiÉ life, the local dairy, has become inextricably linked to the Indian community. If there is one barometer of social change we can all relate to, it is the changing face of the New Zealand dairy.  Once a hub of community life, a dairy was a place of local gossip, bread and milk and daily sustenance. It is also the story of the early migrants looking to make their way in a country that couldn’t fully accept them, they struggled with stigma and racism and now with a tightening economy dairy owners has not only become more difficult, its become more dangerous too.

Help Is On The Way - 1 x 60
This hour-long documentary for Prime tells the unforgettable story of the 36 people who were trapped on the upper floors of the Grand Chancellor Hotel after the Christchurch earthquake levelled the city on February 22, 2011.