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Channel 004

From Lonely whales and Larval Locomotives, Literature and Language to a Light-hearted look at Levity, Levitation, and Lights, our favourite QI quizmaster Stephen Fry, along with the man with a thousand Languid shirts Alan Davies, are joined by an enviable Line-up for brand new QI.  It’s the quiz show Like no other, where contestants are rewarded more if their answers are quite interesting.  Lenses, Lungs, anything Lethal, Landmarks, Lumped together, Locations and Little and Large – as long as it starts with L it’s up for grabs this season.  With special guests including fan favourites Jo Brand, Bill Bailey, Sue Perkins, Frank Skinner, Phil Jupitus, Sandi Toksvig, Jimmy Carr and David Mitchell, with even Suggs making an appearance this season, you are guaranteed that Laughter will also be top of the List.