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Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network


Cartoon Network


Cartoon Network

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Cartoon Network

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Cartoon Network

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The best place for cartoons is Cartoon Network - an outrageous environment that celebrates toons! Drawing from the world's largest cartoon library, it offers the best in animated entertainment with something for everyone, not only for kids, but cartoon lovers of all ages.

Cartoon Network has innovative packaging of beloved cartoon characters. From originals to the latest action, adventure to Japanimation and exclusive new cartoons. The channel offers edgy; fast-paced and witty programming from around the world.


Target Demo: HHS with Kids/ Kids 0-14 

Gender Spilt: 54% Female 46% Male

Almost 500,000 Viewers: 492,290 Avg. Monthly Cume 2017

Shopping Patterns: Higher spenders on recreational and cultural services/ equipment, household textiles, clothing & footwear and non alcoholic beverages.

Specialist Channel

Website: Cartoon Network

SKY Search 2018 / Nielsen CMI. Compared to AP 15+ with TV, Nielsen TAM. AP5+