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Sky Advertising offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities that cover a diverse range of channels and programming to suit every client. Advertisers can now sponsor not only programmes, but strands of programming, day-parts, genres, content inside programmes and even whole sporting events or channels.

Benefits of Sponsorship

Sponsorships can be used to fulfil a wide variety of roles for brands, from launching of a new brand quickly and with scale, to making your brand stand out from competitors by creating a buzz around your brand or influencing the purchase decisions. 

Launch, strengthen or reposition your brand: A sponsorship campaign can be used to launch, reposition and strengthen your brand in the mind of consumers. Sponsorship builds a deep emotional relationship between the prestige of a popular programme and your brand. The association lends positive qualities to a brand as the programmes popularity and perceived values rub-off on those brands of the sponsor that associates with them. This repositions your perceived brand values within the minds of consumers and also makes your brand instantly more recognisable to them.

Makes your brand stand out: Sponsorships can be seen by viewers as separate from ad breaks, allowing your brand maximum visibility with your chosen target audience. The sponsor creates a subconscious association of product and programme for viewers, meaning that your business or brand is one that consumers will remember as it will stand out from competitors.

Target your desired customers: By choosing the right sponsorship vehicle, a brand can target their campaigns to reach desired audiences and gain new customers. By positioning your advertising within the right context, a sponsorship campaign can provide your brand with broader consumer recognition by ensuring that you receive maximum viewer attention within your targeted audience demographic.

Reach your desired audience quickly: Programmes with high viewing figures allow brands to reach out to a desired audiences very quickly and depending on the length of the sponsorship, hold that message in the mind of the audience for a long span of time.

Influence the purchase Decision: Combining your sponsorship with an effective advertising campaign can drive your specific customers to buy your products.

Multi layered campaigns: Can be used in conjunction with other tools to drive the marketing function: advertising campaigns, competitions, Skywatch magazine, Sky Website and Interstitials.

Types of Sponsorship

Naming rights – Sponsor name and logo gets incorporated into the name of the programme both visually and verbally. It is seen and heard within the programme and across all promotion of the show E.g. “Land Rover First XV College Rugby”.

Name association - A sponsor gets a visual and verbal sponsor credit before and after the programme screens as well as the visual inclusion of the sponsor logo on the programme promotions and on out-going break titles. E.g. “The Breakdown is proudly brought to you by the sponsor”. A sponsor key within sporting events.

Programme integration - Often there is the opportunity to have bespoke integration such as presenter ad-libs, on screen graphics and competitions that will heighten and enhance brand exposure.

Competitions - Sky has experience in running a number of promotions. Advertises can have multiple touch points across the Sky platform.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We can tailor a sponsorship to meet your needs, fulfil individual brand, campaign and budget goals, as well as build solid creative synergy with your brand.

Below are a few sponsorship thought starters. These sponsorships will give your brand an edge over your competition in a very competitive market.

Feel free to talk to your SKY Advertising Business Director about a sponsorship that is right for your brand, or email us at skyadvertising@sky.co.nz and we can design a sponsorship to fit your needs.


Vibe offers sponsorship of the series, The Indian Dream Hotel on Tour, an exciting friendly environment that is perfect for a great sponsorship.

This series follows four retired UK citizens as they travel to the far east and far west to look at great places to live out their old age.