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Food TV

Food TV

Mary Berry

Food TV

Inside the Factory Season 3

Food TV

Annabel Langbein
The Free Range Cook

Food TV

Channel 018

Whet your appetite with Food TV… Savour the delights of all things culinary from distant corners of the globe to right here at home. Food TV - the place where foodies live!

From produce to plate, Food TV is a celebration of everything food. Serving up fresh and exciting new shows as well as tantalising and trusted favourites. There is something for every appetite and is totally dedicated to the food genre. Food TV viewers are not only passionate about food and cooking, but also the products they choose to associate with.


Channel Info:

Target Demo: 30-54 years

Gender Split: 59% Female, 41% Male

Almost 700,000 Viewers: 659,400 Average Monthly Cume 2017

Shopping Patterns: Higher spenders on purchase of vehicles, clothing & footwear, restaurant meals, personal care, insurance, property maintenance and package holidays.

Channel Perception: Food TV viewers find the channel practical, informative and inspiring.

Specialist channel launched November 2005

Website: Food TV

SKY Search 2018 / Nielsen CMI. Compared to AP 15+ with TV, Nielsen TAM. AP5+

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