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Check out Sky content
for Spring 2019

Kiwis with
SKY earn more

SKY has the highest network share in the commercially valuable
25-54 HHI $80K+

Kiwis with SKY have greater buying power

on average SKY homes earn 24% more than homes without SKY

Junior USA

  • Prime

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SKY Advertising channels including Prime

have a 27.4% share of all commercial TV channels AP25-54


  • New Zealand’s leading provider of premium content.
  • Creating memorable and entertaining experiences for viewers everyday.
  • Aligning brands with content and deliver your message to a passionate and engaged audiences in an uncluttered environment.

Whether you want your message to be seen amongst the excitement of live sport, share the screen with premium global content from the likes of BBC, Discovery, E!, Cartoon Network and MTV, or reach a broader audience with our general entertainment channels and FTA on Prime, we will book what works for you. Get in touch with us today.


Check out Sky content
for Spring 2019

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