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SKY Search

SKY commissions SKY Search, an annual survey of the viewing habits and lifestyles of television viewers. It uses a robust sample size to allow accurate profiling of SKY subscribers’ viewing and buying behaviour, non-SKY subscribers are also interviewed for comparative purposes. The data is fused with the Nielsen CMI database to allow cross analysis with other CMI datasets.

The survey is conducted by an independent market research company, interviewing all people 15 years and older, with weightings applied to ensure the sample was representative of the total population.

Fieldwork conducted by Symphony Research, (May-July 2015) 3000 SKY respondents and 2000 FTA respondents

Respondent Friendly - Combination of telephone and online completion.

Meaningful - Combines SKY Search data with Nielsen CMI data, Includes fusion with Household Expenditure data

Areas covered by the SKY Search project include:

  • Demographics
  • Channel Viewing
  • Sport Viewing
  • Channel Appeal
  • Media Usage
  • Interactive Channels
  • Early Adopters
  • Spend on Self
  • Attitudes & Lifestyle
  • Home Entertainment
  • Mobile Phones
  • Internet
  • Home Improvements
  • Travel
  • Household Appliances
  • Cars
  • Personal Care
  • Banking, Insurance & Finance
  • Food & Groceries
  • Alcohol
  • Gaming

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