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Media Kit


SKYWATCH is Sky’s own magazine which carries all of Sky’s programme listings, informative articles and glossy advertisements and promotions.

In conjunction with advertising on Sky network channels, an advert in SKYWATCH can re-enforce your advertising message. Not only do viewers see the ad on Sky, it’s there every time they open SKYWATCH.

SKYWATCH only offers a limited number of pages of advertising per month, so there’s no chance of your advertisement getting lost in the clutter. SKYWATCH also offers the option of having inserts, which can be geographically targeted. Inserts are a tried and trusted direct response vehicle with SKYWATCH magazine.

If you would like to know more about advertising in SKYWATCH talk to your Sky Advertising Sales Account Manager today. SKYWATCH offers a competitive discount when booking in advance or booking more than one page.

SKYWATCH aids readers navigation and TV interaction

SKYWATCH is a customer's ultimate monthly planning tool, jam packed with listings, great features, interviews, delicious recipes, highlights, picks for the month, sport and movie guides plus great competitions. We give inside information on what’s happening on Sky and highlights to help plan a month’s viewing.

- Delivered to the home for month long coffee table exposure

- Can deliver cross platform advertising opportunities as it is produced by a broadcaster

- Full colour, glossy format for your advert, double or single page spread


For information on our readers, Circulation and Readership please download the SKYWATCH Media Kit.