Channel 010

SoHo, the home of HBO and Game of Thrones, contains a bevy of unmissable HD shows from drama to comedy to current events; if it’s new and innovative, you’ll find it here. Featuring the best in premium television from networks such as HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, AMC and the BBC (to name a few), fast turnaround, POP-UP channels and box sets, SoHo screens shows the way they were meant to be seen – uncut and uninterrupted.


Target Demo: AP 18+ 

Gender Split: 52% Males 48% Female

Nearly 400,000 viewers: 391,092 Avg. Monthly Cume 2019

Shopping Patterns: Higher spenders on package holidays, household textiles, recreational & cultural services, purchase of cars, restaurant meals, audio-visual & computing equipment and clothing.
Channel Perception: SoHo viewers find the channel exciting, stimulating and fun

Specialist Channel launched: October 2011

SKY Search 2018 / Nielsen CMI. Compared to AP 15+ with TV, Nielsen TAM. AP5+