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SKY Advertising offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities with a diverse range of channels and programming on offer. Be it a major sporting event, an individual programme or a themed strand, SKY Advertising is sure to have a sponsorship partnership that will align with your brief. 

We are happy for you to utilise our ideas, research insights and experience to help make the very most of the opportunities on offer resulting in integrated, effective and innovative communication strategies. You can choose something off the shelf, or we can tailor a sponsorship to meet your needs.   

Brand Association: Both TV channels and programmes are themselves powerful brands. Their prestige, popularity and perceived values can rub off on those brands that associate with them.
Emotion: A sponsoring brand can create a deeper emotional relationship with the hearts of loyal viewers.
Isolation: Sponsorships can be seen by viewers are separate from ad breaks, with a guaranteed prime position and maximum visibility with your chosen target audience. 
Multiple Strategies: Sponsorship can be used to fulfil a wide variety of roles for brands, from launching new products with scale and importance, repositioning, increased recall, creating fame and influencing purchase decisions. 
Increased Exposure: Sponsorship can deliver a consistency of audience, time of day and environment. 


Please take some time to look through the opportunities and if you are interested in aligning your brand with any of the programmes or channels, please contact your SKY Advertising Business Director for more information or simply email us a brief and we will come back to you with a solution.

Prime Planet

Covering a broad range of topics that span across travel, nature, food, adventure and everything in between, Prime Planet showcases the very best in factual storytelling together with unmissable drama. Featuring titles such as: Joanna Lumley’s Japan, Russia with Simon Reeve and Turkey with Simon Reeve.

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A lifestyle offering of grand proportions from the everyday to the extreme, Living Channel is the ultimate destination for lifestyle entertainment where the door is always open

Food Network

Savour the delights of all things culinary from distant corners of the globe to right here at home. Food Network is the place where foodies live, where passion for great food and great fun collide.


Combine lively chat-shows, quirky quiz-coms, big British events, hilarious comedies and a daily dose of drama and you get us; UKTV. Spend time with unique larger than- life characters, find out more about your favourite celebrities, get wrapped up in a murder mystery or indulge in a good laugh. On UKTV, a cracking good time is guaranteed.


Turbo is dedicated to the excitement and thrill of the fastest, most powerful and most amazing vehicles on Earth –past, present and future. From motorcycles and cars, to ships and trains, Discovery Turbo takes viewers on the ride of their lives with programming genres that include Makeovers, Restorations, Classic Cars, Car Auctions and Aviation.


Discovery Channel empowers people to explore their world and satisfy their curiosity. Discovery Channel is devoted to creating the highest quality non-fiction programming that provides an unparalleled insight
into the awesome world in which we live.

Sponsorship Elements

Each advertising campaign varies in objectives so a one size fits all sponsorship strategy may not be applicable. Various elements are listed below which can be included to leverage your brand's exposure. 

  • Programme Naming Rights: e.g. ‘XYZ Ultimate Sports Sunday’
  • Programme Name Association: e.g. ‘Crowd Goes Wild brought to you by XYZ’
  • Programme Billboards: An association with the sponsored programme, played before and after the programme, normally 10sec in duration with verbal sponsor credit.
  • Programme Titles: High quality integrated branding within the sponsored event, played before and after the programme with verbal sponsor credit.
  • Break Title: A SKY or Prime logo incorporating the sponsors logo going into a commercial break or coming out of a commercial break, visual sponsor credit.
  • Promotional Trailers: Cross promotion across various SKY channels and Prime, depending on the duration of the promo, the sponsor will receive visual/verbal sponsor credit.
  • Programme Integration: With the different channels on offer there is also an array of programme integration options. With large sporting sponsorships often there is the opportunity to have integration such as presenter ad-libs and text campaigns all enhancing brand exposure.
  • On-Screen Graphics: Available on some sporting events: sponsor key, match statistics etc.
  • Competitions: SKY Network has experience in running a number of promotions; from SMS through to web based competitions, advertises can have multiple touch points across the SKY platform. 
  • Additional Brand Exposure: SKYWATCH magazine, SKY Website, Competitions and Interstitials