Say Yes To The Dress: America


Channel 016

Offering remarkably relatable real-life stories without judgment, the network celebrates the reality that “everyone needs a little TLC.” TLC’s hit series share everyday heart, humour, hope, and human connection with programming genres that include fascinating families, heartwarming transformations, and life’s milestone moments.


TLC Channel Info:

Target Demo: 18-54 years
Gender Split: 67% Female, 33% Male

Almost 700,000 Viewers: 643,308 Avg. Monthly Cume 2019
Shopping Patterns: Higher spenders on package holidays, recreational & cultural services, personal effects, insurance, clothing, alcoholic beverages, furniture, furnishings and floor coverings.
Channel Perception: TLC viewers find the channel relaxing, fun and fascinating

Rating Channel

Launched September 2015

SKY Search 2018 / Nielsen CMI. Compared to AP 15+ with TV, Nielsen TAM. AP5+