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No Offence

Newton's Law

One born every minute UK Season 8


Channel 006

Engaged. Inspired. Entertained.

On Vibe your favourite crime shows sit alongside top drawer British drama and superb contemporary and period miniseries. Tune in for inspirational reality series, compelling specials, cherished movies and exclusive live events like the Golden Globes and Primetime Emmy Awards.

Daytime on Vibe offers viewers something a little different, from courtroom chaos to the opportunity for viewers to slip back into comfortable and much-loved favourites from the very beginning.

With over 5000 Facebook fans and counting, Vibe has established itself as a fan favourite with increasing interaction from an engaged community.


VIBE Channel Info:

Target Demo: 25-54 years

Gender Split: 65% Female 35% Male

Almost 900,000 Viewers: 866,450 Avg. Monthly Cume 2017

Shopping Patterns: Higher spenders on package holidays, insurance, telecommunication services, purchase of vehicles, property maintenance, household furnishings and appliances, medical products & appliances.

Ratings Channel

Launched: October 2007

SKY Search 2017 / Nielsen CMI. Compared to AP 15+ with TV. Nielsen TAM. AP5+